How to Create Winning Headlines in 9 Steps


1.  Understand the target. Before writing, especially if you want a good ROI, it’s vital to understand the target audience. The editors at Cosmopolitan clearly understand their readers.

2.  Their headlines perfectly target the emotions of their readers.
3.  Write an outline of the ad first. Then write the headline.
4.  Write several different headlines and read them out loud.
5.  Pick the most important benefit and include that benefit in the headlines.
6.  Include the product or problem in the headlines.
7.  Use one of the headline formulas below.
8.  Use a fairly standard, straightforward headline based off a formula.
8. If you can, write a headline that’s whacky, offbeat, or ultra-different. This headline will fail miserably most of the time but, occasionally, will beat the ‘normal’ headline from #7.

Test like crazy and rewrite the headline when you see some degradation in response.

That’s perhaps a little simplistic, but I believe that writing headlines should be a simple process.

Simple is clear.

Complex, on the other hand, can be confusing — and confused readers don’t buy.

Optimize your news feed link description.

1.  Always try to use vivid background colors for your ads.
2.  Remember that the focal point of your ads is your product. ...
3.  Test out CTA buttons.
4.  Try to avoid using text on the Facebook ad image (logo excluded).
5.  Show the value of your product in your main ad text.

Two Successful Habits 

Increase productivity and become highly efficient with these habits: 

1.  Focus on the most important tasks first.
2.  Cultivate deep work.

3.  Keep a distraction list to stay focused.
4.  Use the Eisenhower Matrix to identify long-term priorities.
5.  Use the 80/20 rule.
6.  Break tasks into smaller pieces.
7.  Take breaks.
8.  Make fewer decisions.

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Tips that can help you be more effective in Business. 

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